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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Conference 2016 Call for Papers

Production and Consumption of Medieval and Post-Medieval Pottery in the South West of England
20-22 June 2016 Taunton
The south-west of England has long been recognised as containing a number of pottery production centres spanning the medieval and post-medieval periods. As well as satisfying local demand, pottery from the south-west was widely distributed along coastal routes to south Wales, Ireland and across the Atlantic. Recent fieldwork, scientific analysis and the reassessment of existing data has added significantly to our knowledge of the region.
The aim of this three-day conference will be to review the evidence for the production , distribution and consumption of medieval and post-medieval pottery across the region and beyond and papers are invited on these themes.
A title and short abstract for a paper (to last no longer than 20 minutes) should be sent to the conference organiser Lorraine Mepham  (