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Monday, 1 May 2017

Registration for our 2017 conference in collaboration with the Centre for Historical Archaeology is now open.

We have a full and exciting programme including demonstrations by potter John Hudson and a drinks reception at the beautiful Leicester Guildhall.The programme is below, click on link for booking form:

Please return the booking to Lorraine Mepham by 26th May 2017. We look forward to seeing you there.
The programme:
Friday 2nd June
1 pm
Registration (foyer of the School of Archaeology and Ancient History)

2 pm
Welcome: Dr Ian Whitbread, University of Leicester (introduced by Alice Samson)

Session 1 (George Porter Upper Ground Floor Lecture Theatre B – opposite Archaeology building)
2.15 pm
Gaëlle Dieulefet: Between land and sea: archaeological studies on circulation and consumption of ceramics of drink and storage on the French littoral, 13th-15th centuries

2.40 pm
MiglėUrbonaitė-UbėKlaipėda: Between innovation and tradition: case study of drinking vessels from medieval Vilnius

3.05 pm
Yvonne de Rue: Roman Catholic fathers drinking tea

3.25 pm

Chris Jarrett: Bed and breakfast (lunch and dinner) in post-medieval London

3.55 pm


4.15-5.15 pm
Practical session by potter John Hudson, who will demonstrate various throwing techniques, including that of handles; slip-decorating and also tile-making. This session will be repeated on Saturday.

6 - 8pm
Evening reception at Leicester Guildhall
Saturday 3rd June

Session 2 (George Porter Upper Ground Floor Lecture Theatre B)
9.30 am
Craig Cessford: Form, fabric and function: ceramic choices at Clapham’s Coffeehouse, Cambridge

9.55 am
Rachel Askew: ‘It comes in pints?' Measuring capacity in early modern ceramics

10.20 am

Paul Blinkhorn: Working up a thirst: medieval drinking pottery in non-domestic contexts

10.45 am

11.10 am
Julie Edwards: A 16th century tin-glazed ware owl cup and cover from Chester: origins and function

11.35 am
Stephanie Rátkai: Bacchus’ Cup: a look at glass and stoneware usage in the West Midlands

12 noon
Cameron Moffett: Post-Roman amphora reuse at Tintagel, Cornwall: the evidence of paraphernalia

12.25 pm

12.40 pm

1 pm

LUNCH (provided)

Session 3 (George Porter Upper Ground Floor Lecture Theatre B)
2 pm
Arianna Briano& Elena Casalini: Islamic water jug filters: old studies and modern questions

2.25 pm

TâniaCasimiro& Sarah Newstead: 600 years of water drinking: medieval and early modern pottery cups in Portugal

2.55 pm


3.15 pm


Practical session by potter John Hudson, repeated from Friday.

There will also be an opportunity to view drinking wares from local sites, including tea sets and brandy bottles from the recently excavated Southgate site in Leicester.

Conference closes

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